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Step 1

Open the window trim kit package, remove kit and check to see if all the pieces are included. Check window size to be sure your kit will fit the window properly. You need to measure the window diagonally (from inside corners) to verify the window is square. If it is out of square, you may need to shim the window jamb.

Step 2

Remove old sash and jamb liners inside your window.

Step 3

Using a jamb saw, cut the existing brick mold at the bottom on each side of the window sill approximately 2 ¼ inches deep on the same angle as the sill ( Angle is usually 14 degrees)

Step 4

Clean window sills and jambs. Remove all debris that would not let the vinyl moldings fit properly.

Step 5

Slide the sill cover (Item A) over the existing wood sill and under the existing wood brick mold on each side.

Step 6

Before cutting the sill cover be sure to hold the sill firmly against the fence of the miter box, cut the sill on a 90 degree angle.

Step 7

Cut the vinyl sill cover on either end if necessary for it to fit properly.

Step 8

Check the fit of the sill cover and remove.

Step 9

After removing the sill cover, apply silicone or liquid nail to the inside corners of the sill. Slide sill cover over existing wood sill for proper fit. You can use 2 small nails to keep the sill from moving while you attach the other moldings.

Step 10

When installing a new window, take the window sill angle (Supplied by the window manufacturer) and cut one edge of the sill to fit in the opening. Place the angle at the bottom of the window between the 2 jambs.

Step 11

Following manufacturer instructions attach the window sill angle to the bottom of each window.

Step 12

Place the header (Item B) at the top of the opening (each side is cut on 45 degrees).

Step 13

Check the measurements to be sure the header fits properly. You may have to mark one end and cut on a 45 degree angle to get the right fit. Be sure to use the brick mold jig.

Step 14

Before cutting the trim, you will need a brick mold jig. Place the brick mold over the jig tightly as close to the edge you are cutting as possible to prevent chipping. Hold firmly against the back of the miter box and cut on a 45 degree angle at the length required. After cutting the header apply silicone or liquid nail to the surface and inside corners and attach..

Step 15

Once the sill cover and header are installed, place the window jamb moldings (Item C & D) on each side of the window to fit the sill cover (Item A) and the header (Item B). Be sure you have a good fit on the top and bottom angles.

Step 16

You will have to cut the jamb moldings (Item C and D) the required lengths using the same procedures used on the header molding.

Step 17

Mark the bottom of the jamb moldings after fitting the header moldings and the sill. Using a miter box and the sill cover jig cut the bottom of the jamb moldings the same angle as the sill cover using the same procedures as the headers molding. This is usually a 14 degree angle. Be sure and not cut them too short.

Step 18

Remove side moldings. Apply silicone or liquid nail to the surface and the inside of each corner and attach to the wood jambs. (Use the same installation procedure as item A.)

Step 19

Check the installation and caulk any cracks.

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