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Window Trim Kit of Shelby, NC introduces a new innovative way to make old windows look new. Patented and made in the USA, with a brick mould design, this vinyl window trim kit offers a less expensive alternative to other replacement windows. Easy to install, this exterior vinyl window trim kit covers, window jams, window headers and window sills eliminating the worries of the new federal regulations concerning lead paint. The trim kit protects and insulates all window frames and never shrinks or expands.

Made of high quality PVC vinyl, with of choice of two window colors, the replacement vinyl window trim kit can be installed right out of the box. The set-up time has been almost completely eliminated and can be installed in about 20 minutes compared to trim coil and aluminum break kits. Take a few minutes to watch the installation videos and you will be glad you did!

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fill in the required information. Then fax the order form to 704-481-9496 or email it to windowtrimkit@carolina.rr.com.
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We offer a range of window trim kits designed to dramatically improve the appearance of your home. Click below to see a list of window trim kit sizes and prices.

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